On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

    About the products

    • What can I expect?
      The parts are laser cut out of 4mm aluminium (Alloy: 5754). The dimensions of all holes are optimized so you can tighten the eccentric nuts as far as necessary which makes for a very sturdy printer. The surface of the aluminium is very smooth but there is no post processing so some small burrs or splash-back from the laser may still be present when you receive the parts.
    • How do I remove the burrs?
      The burrs are easily removed with a piece of sandpaper or a metal file.
    • Why doesn't the Y-Carriage acrylic spacer fit anymore?
      Because you don't need it anymore :) The aluminium Y-Carriage is strong enough by itself. You even gain an additional 5mm z-height.
    • The eccentric nuts don't fit in their holes, what do I do?
      The holes are quite tight by design to ensure maximum stiffness in the printer. You can use a vise, adjustable spanner or pliers to press fit them in (or even a hammer if you're careful). Sometimes they need some persuasion but eventually they'll fit. Just make sure you put them in straight.
    • Is the Y-Carriage for the small or large bed?
      The Y-Carriage works with both the small and the large print bed.
    • Is there an E3D-V6 X-Carriage option?
      Currently there is no separate carriage for the e3d v6. There are however adapters available on Thingiverse.com


    Order process:

    • How can I pay?
      You can use Credit Card, Bitcoin, PayPal, iDeal (The Netherlands only) or Bancontact (Belgium only).
    • Do I need PayPal?
      No you don't need PayPal. It is one of the payment options and you can also use a Credit Card or Bitcoin. Credit Card is preferred over PayPal they charge less transaction fees to me (in The Netherlands / Belgium you can also pay with iDeal / Bancontact).
    • What are the shipping cost?
      This depends on what you order and where you live. Each product page has an indication for shipping to different parts of the world. The most common are: €9 for shipping the Y-Carriage worldwide without tracking. And €19 for shipping the full set outside EU with tracking (within EU is cheaper).
    • From where do you ship?
      I ship from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    • What shipping company do you use?
    • How can I track my order?
      After I shipped your order you'll receive an e-mail. If you paid for tracking you'll also receive a barcode and link to the tracking page. Sometimes your local delivery company may have more info. You can find the company responsible for delivery in your country at:
    • What are the shipping times?
      This really depends on where you live. Some packages are delivered just days after I mailed them, others take a month. I'd say most mackages arrive within 1-2 weeks, can't make any promises though.


    If your question is not answered here you can take a look in the Facebook group for the TEVO Tarantula or send me a message at taraluparts@gmail.com