Aluminium Y-Carriage for TEVO Tarantula

  • € 19.00

In short:

  • No more leveling!
  • Lighter than original acrylic
  • Better print quality
  • Faster printing
  • Fits normal and large bed
  • Fits MGN12H linear rail


This is a replacement for the standard acrylic y-carriage. The design is optimised to be very strong and stiff but it's still much lighter than the standard y-carriage (this weighs 151gram and the original acrylic weighs 191gram).

There are holes for the standard wheels on the aluminium extrusion profiles, but it also contains holes spaced further apart to use with double extrusion profiles and there are holes for an MGN12H Linear bearing.

This Y-Carriage can be used for both the small (220x220mm) and large (220x280mm) printbed.

As a bonus this upgrade ensures your bed will stay level. So no more bed leveling every other day.

The part is made out of 4mm thick, laser cut, aluminium alloy (5754). The part is precision cut but the laser process sometimes leaves some splashes of aluminium on the surface and small burrs around the edges. This doesn't influence the functionality, but if you want you can easily remove them with a piece of sandpaper or metal file.


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