Full Set Aluminium Parts for TEVO Tarantula

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This is a full set of aluminium parts to replace the original acrylic parts of the TEVO Tarantula i3 3D printer.
(For the Pro Set with X and Y Tensioner click here)

The standard set consists of:

X Carriage for single stock extruder 
X Gantry Left
X Gantry Right
Y Carriage 
Y Motor holder
Y Idler pulley holder (2x)
Z Motor holder (Dual Z optional)
Z Nut holder
2020 Frame angle bracket (2x)
4020 Frame angle bracket (2x)

Use the dropdown menus above to customise your order, you can choose for dual extruder or Modular-X carriage (E3D-V6) and also single or double Z.

The Modular-X Carriage includes 2 holders of your choice for the following hot ends: Single Stock, Dual Stock, E3D or E3D Double. The set includes the needed extra bolts to assemble the carriage. If you need more holders please click here.

The Y-Carriage can be used for both the standard (220x220mm) and large (220x280mm) print bed. (if you already have the Y-Carriage and want to order the set without it, please send an e-mail).

The parts are made out of 4mm thick, laser cut, aluminium alloy (5754). The parts are precision cut but the laser process sometimes leaves some splashes of aluminium on the surface and small burrs around the edges. This doesn't influence the functionality, but if you want you can easily remove them with a piece of sandpaper or metal file.


Don't have a TEVO Tarantula 3D printer yet? Click here to go to their shop and get a kit!

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