Nozzle Changing Tool for Prusa - "The Wrench" Polished metal prongs for E3D V6

  • € 9.00

For some printers, such as the Prusa MK3, it can be difficult to hold the heater block when changing the nozzle. To alleviate this Joshua Fuad designed a handy tool to hold the heater block.

The tool helps you hold the heater block of an E3D V6 standard, clone or Volcano hot end.

Joshua published his design on Thingiverse so you can print the handle yourself, please find it here: 

To make the steel prongs available to as many people as possible we collaborated with Joshua. This product is designed by him but produced locally by us in The Netherlands. By buying the prongs here you support both Joshua and Taralu!

The parts are laser cut from 3mm Stainless Steel 304 and have been tumbled to give it a smooth finish. 

The steel parts are offered in sets of two, you need one set to make the basic tool. And if you want to make the double tool (both 23mm and 20mm) like in the picture you can get two sets (for 4 prongs total).

Please note: This offer only contains the V1 steel prongs, you have to print the plastic handle yourself.