Creality Ender 3 Ultralight Aluminium Y-Carriage

  • € 19.00

Be the first to try this new ultra light Y-Carriage for the Creality Ender 3, weight is only 120 grams. For this first batch there is limited stock available so order it while it's still available!

The hole spacing for the wheels is optimized to allow for a nice tight fit of the wheels to the extrusion profiles. Two additional mounting options are available as well, you can use the wide spaced wheel holes or the MGN12H Lineair rail holes.

The part is made out of 4mm thick, laser cut, aluminium alloy (5754). The part is precision cut but the laser process sometimes leaves some splashes of aluminium on the surface and small burrs around the edges. This doesn't influence the functionality, but if you want you can easily remove them with a piece of sandpaper or metal file. If you want your printer to stand out its also really easy to spray paint the part in your desired color.